IBPS Clerk Previous Years Asked GK Question Paper PDF

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IBPS Clerk Previous Years Asked GK Question Paper Download PDF IBPS CWE Clerk Previous Years Solved Question Papers 2014-2015, Common Written examination for IBPS Clerical Exam IV Solved Question Papers, IBPS CWE Clark Last Year’s Exam Papers

Dear Bank Job Seekers, the Institute of Banking Personal Selection (IBPS) Common Written Exam (CWE) is going to start Exam for CWE Clerk V from 5 December 2015 Morning Shift. Candidates who are applied for the IBPS Clerk 5th may download Previous question papers asked in Clerk 4 in 2014. Here we are provide all Question Papers with solution of Last years IBPS Clerk exam 2014.

IBPS Clerk Previous Years Solved Question Papers 2014-15

Candidates must read the last years IBPS Clerk Exam Paper with answer key to optimized exam pattern & syllabus of this year’s IBPS Clerk V Exam 2015. The exam will be organized in two shifts in Morning and Evening shift. You just need to download previous year papers and read them carefully. Some of banking question may be repeated, so you do not miss these papers.

IBPS Clerk Exam 2014 Asked Question Paper (Answer Key / Solution in PDF)

IBPS held exam for 19 nationalized banking of India. Candidates are working hard to achieve Clerk post as secure job in banking sector. They will call for online written exam of IBPS Clerk V 2015. You may go with free mind with take a deep study of IBPS Last years Question Papers for Clerk with solution / answer sheet both of Morning / Evening (First / Second Shift) 2015. IBPS all exams conducted in 1st shift and 2nd shift. You may download question papers as given bellow.

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 6 December 2014 Morning Shift – with Answers


  • Where is the headquarter of UNESCO ? – Paris
  • What is the full form of NPA ? – Non Performing Assets
  • World chess champion event of 2014 held in ? – Sochi
  • What is the full form of BC? –Business Correspondent
  • Who is the lender of last resort for banks in india ? – RBI
  • In MOM first M stands for – MARS
  • Next Commonwealth summit will be held in ? – Malta
  • KLO is active in which state ? Assam and West Bengal
  • Manmohan singh to be awarded by which country ? – Japan
  • Where is the capital of Sweden? – Stockholm
  • What is the Duration of PPF account ? – 15 years
  • Who is the author of the book ‘Playing it my way’  – Sachin Tendulkar
  • Where was the venue of APEC summit in 2014 ? – Beijing
  • Study of fungi is called as ? – Mycology
  • What is the currency of italy ? – Euro
  • Which state has highest rural population ? – Uttar Pradesh
  • What is the full form of KYC? – Know Your Customer
  • What is Amortization ? – The paying off of debt with a fixed repayment schedule in regular installments over a period of time.
  • What is the limit of free ATM transaction under PMJDY ? – 4
  • Who is the current health minister ? – J.P.Nadda
  • Rauf dance is from which state ? – Jammu and Kashmir
  • Who is named as the test cricketer of the year? – Mitchell Johnson
  • Where is the headquarter of SIDBI ? – Lucknow
  • LRSAM missile is developed by India with the help of which country ? – Israel
  • What is the Base year for new consumer price index? – 2010
  • Which state declared 2015 as the tourism year ? – Madhya Pradesh

Computer Questions

  • Which one of the following is not secondary storage ?
  • What is the full form of URL? – Uniform Resource Locator
  • Which one of the following is non volatile memory ?
  • In ms word the footer will be displayed ? – Bottom of the page

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 6 December 2014 Evening Shift – with Answers

  • With the 765 days of continuous safe reactor operations – Rawatbhata Rajasthan Atomic Power Station’s
  • Normon gorden  is a veteran – South African bowler
  • KYC norms implemented under  – Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  • Kissan credit card validity – 5 years
  • Full form of FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • Committee to Identify ‘Obsolete’ Laws – R. Ramanujam
  • Full form of NPPA – National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
  • G-20 Summit  2016 will  be held in – China
  • Kissan Vikas Patra money doubles in – 100 months
  • Age limit for minors to operate saving account – 10 years
  • Capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh
  • Full form of LTV – Loan To Value
  • “Hand –in-Hand” is – Military exercise b/w India & China
  • Currency of Greece – EURO
  • Sumitra Charat Ram Award – Pandit Jasraj
  • Unity Day celebrated on  birth anniversary of  – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • Ajay Jayaram associated with which game – Badminton
  • Cheque is defined under which act – Negotiable Instruments act,1881
  • World Pneumonia day – 12th November
  • Lokpal selected by whom?
  • Monetary policy regulated by – RBI
  • Full form of IPO – Initial Public Offering
  • Full form of NAV – Net Asset Value
  • Banking ombudsman appointed  by – RBI
  • Hindu kush is between which countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Information and broadcasting minister – Arun Jaitley
  • Chairman of national women commission – Lalitha Kumarmangalm
  • Full form of NBFC – Non Banking Finance Company

Computer Questions

  • Full form of  VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  • Full form of TDS – Tax Deducted at Source
  • Full form of  LSI – Large Scale integration Computer
  • Full form of  DOS – Disk Operating System

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 7 December 2014 Morning Shift – with Answers

  • NBFC is regulated by – SEBI
  • KIRAN is made for – Women Scientist
  • Largest Flower in the World – Rafflesia arnoldii
  • UNICEF Headquarter – New York
  • Mortgage are which type of property – Property Types
  • What is balance sheet?
  • Certificate of commencement of business is for which type of org –
  • National Education day – 11th November
  • GOAFEN – 2 is the satellite of which country – China
  • UIDAA Deadline – March 2015
  • ARSAT satellite belong to which country – ARGENTINA
  • Japan currency – Yen
  • Sponser of RRB Banks – Public Sector Banks
  • Which of the following is Indirect tax?
  • ICC ODI Captain of the year – Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Environment Minister – Prakash Javdekar
  • Ritu Rani is related to which sports – Hockey
  • Which game held in Inch eon – Asian Games
  • Capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumper
  • Indian army helped for Jammu & Kashmir known as? Megh Rahat
  • GDP full form – Gross Domestic Product
  • Which is Not comes under negotiable instrument

Computer Questions

VDU full form – Video Display Unit

  • MS DOS is what – command line interface
  • Java is what language – Programming
  • DVD full form – Digital Versatile Disk
  • Bold shortcut – Ctrl + B
  • One byte has how many bits – 8
  • GUI full form – Graphical User Interface
  • Keys pressed when you want to bring up task manager to end a task – Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Which symbol when entered in excel cell is considered to be formula – =
  • Information travels as what through network or internet – Packets
  • EPROM full form –  Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 13 December 2014 Morning Shift – with Answers

  • NPA full form – non performing asset
  • Bios full form – basic input output system
  • Middle 3 digit in MICR –
  • IPO full form- initial public offering
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia- Riyadh
  • Currency of Brazil – real
  • Use of kyc….money laundering
  • Before narendra modi who gave speech in Hindi in UN-Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • ING Vysya Bank Merged with – Kotak Mahindra
  • Richard flangan belongs to which country –An Austrian author
  • Nitin Gadkari’s constituency – Nagpur
  • Verse e mail provided by which campaign –
  • Earth science cabinet minister- Harsh Vardhan
  • NAV full form- Net Asset Value
  • Interestcalculated on saving account
  • Gujaratdeclared vadodara as – the cultural capital of India
  • World air force day – 8 October
  • Who got noble prize in literature – Patrick Modiano
  • Question related to jihadists
  • Which are demand and time liabilities?
  • Which is not a monetary tool?
  • casa is which type of deposits
  • UNDP Headquarter – New York
  • What is the theme of SAARC smmit 2014?- ‘Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity’
  • Which one is not a monetary tool? – Base Rate
  • Women Kabaddi Team got which medal in the recent Asian games? – Gold Medal
  • Tintu Luka related to which Sports? – Athletics
  • What is the full form of ECS ? – Electronic Clearing System
  • Who topped in Asian Games medals tally?– China
  • what is ravi shankar prasad constitiency ?
  • the three cities to be developed by us as smart cities ?
  • Seema Poonia related to which sports? – Discus Throw

Computer Questions

  • What is the full form of GIGO? – Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • Which is the option to go to the first line of the page ? – Ctrl + home
  • MS DOS is – Command Based OS
  • Verge e mail provided by which company?- IBM
  • What is the option to go at the end of the page? – Ctrl + End
  • Which of the following is an operating System ? – Windows 8
  • What is the full form of BIOS ? – Basic Input Output System
  • What is the full form of PDF?- Portable Document Format

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 13 December 2014 Evening Shift – with Answers

  • What is the currency of Indonesia?- Indonesian Rupiah
  • Who won Euromoney award? – Raghuram rajan
  • According to 2011 Census most of the slums is in which city?- Mumbai
  • What is the full form of RTGS?-Real Time Gross Settlement
  • Which players are inducted in Bradman Hall of fame?- Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Waugh
  • Pankaj Advani is related to which sports?- Billiards
  • Where is the headquarter of UNIDO?- Vienna
  • Swacch Bharat logo is design by?- Anant Khasbardar
  • What is the fullform of FCCB?-Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
  • Unbreakable is the autobiography of whom?- Marykom
  • Richard flanagan won the men’s Booker 2014 for which book?- The Narrow road to deep north.
  • Pakistan tie up in millitary with which country recently?- China
  • National dairy Development Board is located in?-Anand in Gujrat
  • John O’ keefe awarded the noble prize in which stream? –Medicine
  • What is the capital Canada?- Ottawa
  • What is the minimum validity of KVP?- 2 years and 6 months
  • Who won Shanti Swarup award in medicine?- Anurag Aggarwal

Computer Questions

  • What is the full form PDF?- Portable Document Format
  • Docx is an extension of which type of file?- Word Document
  • Which one is an input device?-Joystick
  • Which one is biggest among TB, GB, MB, KB?- TB
  • What is the shortcut of making a word italic in word?- Ctrl+I

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 14 December 2014 Morning Shift – with Answers

  • Sarita devi related with which Dance?
  • Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person ?
  • In IFFI RAJNAIKANT awarded by whom?
  • ECGL full form
  • CDS percentage
  • Overdraft in PMJDY
  • Rate of interest decided by what?
  • Full form of WAN
  • Who gave award to Rajnikanth
  • How many public sector banks?
  • One question related to treasury bills
  • Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person ?
  • UNIDO headquarter
  • In which bank LAGHU ACCOUNT can be opened?
  • NCR full form
  • Maximum amount in KVP
  • Which of the following river is in MP?
  • MS DOS
  • Neft full form
  • Who owned BALCO?
  • Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award?
  • TDS without PAN CARD
  • Bhaichung Bhutia related to which sport
  • Capital of Bhutan
  • Where was cycling event held?
  • Nalanda University situated in which state?
  • VAT full form-
  • Y Chung Related with which game?
  • Where ISRO situated ?
  • RTGS full form-
  • How much amount can be deposited in saving account?
  • Half girl friend written by?
  • CHINA currency –
  • GHOOMAR Dance-
  • What is EBOLA?
  • National Human Rights Day?
  • Capital of Bangkok?

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 14 December 2014 Evening Shift – with Answers

  • Target under PMJDY 
  • Artificial intelligence related questions
  • Bank borrow money from RBI – Repo Rate
  • Oracle is
  • Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna will provide house to how many households-
  • Currency of Oman – Omani rial
  • State Minister Of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship- Rajiv Pratap Rudy
  • Full form of MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Reader
  • Full form of RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
  • SAARC summit 2014- Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Sansad Adarsh Gram yojna started on whose birthday- Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayan
  • Full form of HTTP- HyperText Markup Language
  • Rajnath constituency- Lucknow
  • Target of accounts under JanDhan Yojna- 10 crore
  • Commonwealth games held in?
  • Anirban Lahiri related to?- Golf
  • MICR
  • Unity day
  • 2016 olympics venue
  • ASCII full form
  • One question related to GPS
  • ATS full form
  • One question from RFID chip
  • Chip commonly known as
  • Which of the following not a storage? Printer
  • Full Form of WWW- World wide web
  • Kuwait capital- Kuwait City
  • UNICEF HQ- New York
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – 25 November 

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 20 December 2014 Morning Shift – with Answers

  • Vishwanathan Anand is related to? – Chess
  • What is the new name of MCX ? – Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd’, abbreviated as ‘mSXI’
  • IRDA headquarter? – Hyderabad
  • srilanka currency? – Sri Lankan Rupee
  • International Non violence day ? – 2nd October
  • What is the budget of Mars mission of India ? – 450 Crore
  • Ryder Cup is related to ? – Golf
  • Nobel prize was given to May Britt Moser and Edward Moser in which field? – Medicine
  • Venue of Next saarc summit?  – Islamabad
  • Biggest nuclear plant in the world? – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
  • Dongfeng missile is developed by which country? – China
  • What is the capital of Austria ? – Vienna
  • Darjeeling Makaibiri is?- A tea estate
  • United nations day? – 24th October
  • One Question Related to Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Nobel in Chemistry
  • Dramatic decade author? – Pranab Mukherjee
  • Insurance regulatr in india? – IRDA
  • Where is the venue of next Hockey world cup? – India

Computer Questions

  • Whats is a bit? – Smallest Unit of information
  • Which is not a OS-windows XP,NT,2000,2007 & suffix? – Suffix
  • What is output device-Printer scanner,keyboard,webcam? – Printer

IBPS Clerk Asked GK Question 20 December 2014 Evening Shift – with Answers

Full form of IFSC- Indian Financial System code

  • Capital of Iraq? – Baghdad
  • Saudi Arabia Currency-Saudi riyal
  • Who can issue commercial paper- Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and the All- IndiaFinancial Institutions (FIs)
  • Full form of SEZ- Special Economic Zone
  • Which Day celebrated on 19 november- World Toilet Day
  • Share of state government in RRB – 15%
  • Euro cup in 2016 to b held in? – France
  • Rupay card is developed by? – NPCI
  • Jandhan yojna’s objective? – Financial Inclusion
  • First three digit in MICR represents- City
  • World AIDS Day- 1 December
  • Who won Noble prize in Economics-Jean Tirole
  • What is the exchange date for pre 2005 Notes ? – 1st Jan 2015
  • UNEP headquaters – Nairobi(Kenya)
  • UN goodwill ambassador for South east Asia? – Farhan Akhtar
  • Dronacharya award in which field? – Sports Coaching
  • Full form of GST-Goods and service Tax

Computer Questions

  • Shortcut key for UNDO – ctrl +Z
  • PDA Full form- Personal Digital Assistant
  • What is C in MICR- Character
  • Shortcut key of Find in a document – Ctrl+F

IBPS PO 2014 Asked GK Question Papers (October / November) 2015

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